2024 at Funded Engineer – A trailblazing evaluation firm

2024 at Funded Engineer

During the uncertain FOREX evaluation firm market, Funded Engineer has been carefully preparing innovations for both new and existing traders.

Our traders had a fantastic year in 2023, as you can see from our 2023 review blog here. Currently, we are putting in a lot of effort to make our business more sustainable. Additionally, we are working on changing our approach to the market. Our goal is to make significant progress in 2024.

Funded Engineer has some goals and changes planned for this year. We’re excited to share more details about what’s to come.

FE Markets: A New Chapter in Funded Engineer’s Evolution

We have decided to open a brokerage company. With the approval of our MetaTrader license with metaquotes we have now started the process of opening a brokerage company separate from our evaluation firm. The purpose of this is two-fold:

  1. To actually run a brokerage company
  2. To provide us access to institutions that can allow us to properly manage our order flow profitability.
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FE Markets and Funded Engineer are different companies, but working together allows us to be more innovative than traditional brokers.

Additionally, the current brokerage options have high fees that greatly impact the sustainability of an evaluation firm. Eliminating as many of these excess fees assists in our sustainability.

The goal of FE Markets is to maintain the same market conditions as we offer currently, which is a VWAP (volume weighted average price) execution model just without the additional overhead we currently have.

As above with the VWAP execution, we will be completely transparent on how the trading groups operate with Funded Engineer. We will not, ever, use spread and slippage profiles that affect individual traders. Market depth execution is the only method we will use EVER.

Monetizing Data and Shaping the Future

Over the last 3 months, we have been working with a quant team that has been developing strategies around using our data to monetize it. Further to the above regarding FE Markets, properly monetizing order flow requires access to various institutions that simply are not attainable using the existing brokers. And those parties may not be willing to share the spoils of success.

As such we have already confirmed relationships both with the institutions necessary and the quant team to have a strategy ready to go once the FE Markets setup has been released. This is a very exciting moment for us as it allows us to bring new models to the market as well as make our pricing more competitive without the excess risk that we see being taken to grow market share.

When this is live, we do plan on updating our traders on the success of our strategies to further reinforce our the trust and faith the marketplace has placed in us. Whilst we have provided transparency in the past, we look forward to providing more in the future.

Tech-Forward: Leap into In-House Innovation

We have engaged a team of reliable and experienced technology professionals to implement our own dashboard. We are grateful for the company we used for our dashboard technology. However, as we expand, it is crucial for us to have our own technology and support team. This will enable us to continue developing our ideas effectively.

Today, we have signed a contract with a development team and we are excited to bring our technology in-house. To create new ideas in evaluation firms and gain professional experience with a bigger tech team.

Technology can be challenging initially. However, we believe it will benefit us financially and aid in managing our business, risks, and future trading strategies. This will be achieved by utilizing data from our accomplished traders.

Strength in Numbers: Reinforcements and Enhancements

We are hiring more talented people and improving our payment services for incoming, outgoing, and storage needs. It is always vital that we have vendors and institutions available to our traders so that there is no financial drama attached to our services. Other than the obvious card merchants and payout companies. We are focusing on working with both private and public banks this year to enhance our business security.

We are constantly seeking data scientists, tech specialists, and quant trading desks. They assist us in creating more value for our company and our Funded Engineer traders.

In addition to the 3 main projects, we will improve our programs, marketing, and brand this year. We started this with our new website which has had amazing feedback, and we will continue through all our social media and user engagement platforms. 

Get ready for exciting new promotions and programs as we make our mark on the Simulated trading market.

We are extremely excited to see these projects come to fruition and look forward to sharing our success with you!

Funded Engineer Team