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At Funded Engineer, we are not just an Evaluation firm; we are a community of traders and financial enthusiasts who share a common goal – to empower skilled traders with the backing and resources they need to excel in the financial markets.

The Engineering

Tristian Talbot Founder/CEO

A seasoned day trader with over five years of experience in the markets, recently decided to establish his own Evaluation firm, Funded Engineer, in partnership with an investor. His mission is to create one of the most successful communities of profitable traders by providing a unique environment that prioritizes the well-being of its traders. Having used various firms for the past 1.5 years, Tristian recognized the need for improvements in the industry and aims to address them through Funded Engineer. One of the key issues he identified is the lack of realistic drawdown limits that strip traders of their accounts, despite their past success. To address this, Funded Engineer has devised a cutting-edge scaling plan that not only increases simulated trading capital but also expands max and daily drawdown limits. This creates a more sustainable and long-term environment for traders to grow their accounts and build relationships with the firm.

Ultimately, Tristian’s goal is to provide traders with the resources and support they need to achieve long-term profitability through Funded Engineer.

Harri Sawicki Founder/CEO

Disciplined and fast-forward entrepreneur with years of experience and have recently decided to launch an Evaluation firm with the help of Tristian. My goal is to create a thriving trading community and give the best conditions for traders to succeed in their careers. Coming from a professional gambling background, I understand variance, risk-reward, and the state of mind a trader goes through, I believe we will be able to help our users pass a cap in their trading careers.