Scaling Plan

Scale from 0 to 100 with our easy Plans

After 4 months of simulated profitable trading
Simulated Split Upgraded
From 80%/20% to 90%/10%
Initial Account Balance
Max Drawdown
Increased by +2%
Max Daily Drawdown
Increased by +1%
Every 7 days withdrawal
Free Challenge
Free Challenge if account fails
Concierge Service
Up to $600

How To Qualify for our Scaling Plan?

Funded Engineer is committed to rewarding their traders for their consistent profitability with Simulated Funded accounts. Elevate your trading experience with our highly rewarding Scaling Plan. This plan is designed to enhance your trading journey, offering exceptional benefits and opportunities for growth.

Starting from the ‘Geared’ stage all the way to the ‘Engineered’ stage, you’ll be unlocking additional benefits every step of the way. As part of our Scaling program, we offer several benefits to support your growth and success.

These benefits include:

  • Increasing the size of your trading account by 40% of the initial balance every four months to provide more simulated capital for trading.

  • Offering a higher profit split, up to 90%, to ensure our traders are well-compensated for their success.

  • Providing salaries to acknowledge traders’ hard work and dedication.

  • Expanding the Daily Drawdown limit, as well as the Overall Drawdown limit, to give traders more flexibility in their trading strategies.

  • Allowing withdrawals every 7 calendar days up to same day for traders to access their earnings more quickly.

  • Granting a free challenge account in the same program if any rules are violated, giving traders another opportunity to succeed.

Our goal is to foster a supportive and rewarding environment for our traders as they continue to demonstrate exceptional risk management and consistent profitability.

To secure all the benefits of our Scaling plan stated above, you are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Achieve a net profit of 15% spanning over a 4-month period.
  • Achieve a minimum profit of 2% of the Initial balance each month for 4 months.
  • Request at least 3 withdrawals/payouts in the 4-month period.
  • The account balance must be higher than the initial balance to request a scale-up.

Once the Scaling requirements are met, please reach out to us at [email protected] to put in your scale-up request.


  • Only maximum profit of 5% each month will be counted towards the criteria. For example, if you achieve a profit of 7% in the first month, only 5% will be counted towards the total requirement of 15%.

  • If the scale-up request is for an already merged account, the 40% increment is applied on the after-merged initial balance.

  • The scaling plan does not apply to Simulated Turbo Funded Accounts.

How do I qualify to receive a monthly bonus from Funded Engineer?

A trader is eligible for a monthly bonus upon reaching the ‘Geared’ status of our scaling plan. However, the following two conditions must be met:

1 – Risk value of the last 8 trades should not go lower than 10% of the risk value from the last 90 days.

Risk value = (Total lot size traded / Numbers of trades taken)

For Example:

If you have traded 100 lots and taken 200 trades in the last 90 days, your risk value becomes: 100/200 = 0.5

The risk value from the last 8 trades must be at or above: [0.5-(0.5*0.1)] = 0.45

If in the last 8 trades, you have traded 10 lots with 15 trades, your risk value becomes: 10/15 = 0.66. Since 0.66 is greater than 0.45, you become eligible for the monthly bonus.

If in the last 8 trades, you have traded 10 lots with 30 trades, your risk value becomes: 10/30 = 0.33. Since 0.33 is less than 0.45, you are not eligible for the monthly bonus.

2 – You must have approved payout(s) of at least 1% of the initial balance for that month.

Note: Monthly bonus will apply on a per-user basis.