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Trading Potential with a Trusted Evaluation Firm

Unleash your trading potential with our user-friendly Profit Targets designed for secure trading. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, a trading account from Funded Engineer will offer you a gateway to financial growth.

Reach your goals with our user-friendly Profit Targets and some of the best trading conditions in the industry. Whether you’re a seasoned funded trader or just starting, a funded trading account with Funded Engineer will offer you the opportunity for financial success.

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Feedback from our traders

3 weeks ago

Vanessa Cahucom

Funded Engineer is one of the most best…

Funded Engineer is one of the most best firm I ever experience the staff are active they help every traders achieve their goal. And keep in mind they have been in the industry long enough 🥂

1 month ago


Very good prop firm

Funded Engineer has fair prices, good trade execution and lower lot fees than most firms. Just got funded, will update this review after a couple of payouts!

1 month ago

Andrew Greenwood

I Love Funded Engineer

I love Funded Engineer! I’ve traded with a few evaluation firms in the past and l’ve found FE to be amazing! The selection of challenges on offer are great, very competitive and the customer service is second to none if you need help with anything.

1 month ago

Ika R

Excellent Customer Service

Thank you Funded Engineer, I won the giveaway in Twitter and just received the account, the customer service response is very fast although today is Sunday. Thank you so much.

1 month ago


Always choose a reputable firm and…

Always choose a reputable firm and that’s Funded Engineer. I love this firm the mods are active base on my experience and its one of the best firm out there. Funded Engineer lets go!

2 months ago

Khalid bin reaz

In this prop trading firm my experience is so great

In this evaluation firm my experience is so great. Especially on discode support and great community.

Located in Dubai

Trade with confidence knowing that we are in the UAE ensuring peace of mind as you navigate the markets.