What are the Prohibited Trading Practices at Funded Engineer?

At Funded Engineer, we provide traders with the freedom to choose their trading styles and strategies without any restrictions. However, it is essential to adhere to our terms and avoid any activities that exploit the system or violate fair trading practices. Please take note of the following prohibited actions:

It is prohibited to:

(1) Utilize software, artificial intelligence, ultra-high-speed techniques, or mass data entry methods that may manipulate, abuse, or provide an unfair advantage when using our systems or services.

(2) Perform trades in a manner that contradicts how trading is typically conducted in the forex market or any other financial market, or in a way that raises justified concerns about potential financial or other harm to the provider resulting from the customer’s activities.

(3) Conduct trades that contradict the terms and conditions of the provider and the trading platform.

(4) Execute trades using an external or slow data feed.

(5) Knowingly or unknowingly use trading strategies that exploit errors in the services, such as price display errors or delayed updates.

(6) Engage in trades, either individually or in collaboration with others, with the intent to manipulate trading, such as entering into simultaneous opposite positions.

(7) Hedging different accounts with other Evaluation firms similar to Funded Engineer

These guidelines are in place to ensure fair and transparent trading practices while protecting the integrity of our systems and services.

Account Management Services

All accounts participating in our challenges must be exclusively traded by the account owner without any changes once a phase has been completed. Failure to comply with this requirement will be considered a violation of the account’s terms.

Additionally, one household and one IP address should equal one trader. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a breach of all accounts across all parties involved.

Prohibited Trading Practices

Group Trading: Group trading is not allowed, so you cannot copy trade from other people as well as group up and reverse trade with each other.

High-frequency trading: A type of algorithmic trading in which large volumes of positions are traded automatically at very high speeds in a matter of seconds.

News scalping: involves rapidly opening and closing multiple positions within seconds, particularly during high-impact news releases such as FOMC, NFP, CPI, and others. It is important to note that engaging in news scalping is prohibited only when it is intentionally exploiting the market feed.

Arbitrage (reverse and latency): Arbitrage trading is not allowed strictly and any accounts will be breached.

Multi-account reverse trading: Reverse trading would be FOMC is about to come out, you buy 50 lots on Funded Engineer and you sell 50 lots on some other Evaluation firm. Multi-account reverse trading is not allowed even if both accounts are with the Funded Engineer.

Tick scalping: Scalping in ticks which is impossible to copy on live data if the firm chooses to do so. Example: Opening and closing large position sizes and in numbers within seconds is not possible to be mirrored live and results will be different.

Reverse Trading: Reverse trading is the same as multi-reverse trading it’s just that it is focused more on reversing between the Funded Engineer’s internal accounts. Example: both the accounts are with the Funded Engineer

Copying Trades:

Group hedging, which involves individuals coordinating opposing positions across one or multiple Evaluation firms to manipulate risk, is strictly prohibited.

Purchasing or providing account management services or engaging in Evaluation firm passing services is strictly prohibited.

Sharing your account information or allowing someone else to pass an account on your behalf is not allowed, and any violations will result in the loss of all involved accounts.

It is not allowed to mirror trades from another trader or group of traders across multiple accounts.

Note: If any trader is found engaging in any of the aforementioned practices, we reserve the right to close down the account and forfeit the associated payout without a refund.

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