How much FX Capital will I be trading at Funded Engineer?

At Funded Engineer, your FX Capital is determined by the size of the challenge that you purchase. Upon successfully passing the Challenge, you will receive a Simulated Funded account of the same account size as the Challenge Account size.

We provide the opportunity to trade up to 600,000 USD of simulated capital per trader. Traders have the flexibility to allocate this capital across any of the four unique trading programs we offer.

Standard Challenge
Superior Challenge
Superior Lite Challenge
Turbo Challenge

We offer our traders various Programs designed to suit their trading preferences, including a 1-Step Challenge.

We offer a wide range of Account sizes starting from 6,000 USD up to 300,000 USD in all of our programs.

If a trader has achieved multiple Simulated Funded Accounts, they can put in a request to merge their accounts. However, merge requests will be approved for up to a maximum after merge capital of 300,000 USD. Kindly refer to the merge criteria

While Standard Profit-split offered in each program is 80%, you have the opportunity to increase the Profit-split up to 90% through our Scaling Plan. It also allows traders to grow their Account size by 40% every 4 months. (Conditions apply)•

Note: Kindly make sure that you do not exceed the maximum FX Capital allocation limit of 600,000 USD. If a user is seen registering through multiple IDs, Funded Engineer reserves the right to terminate the accounts.


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