How Do Account Margin Rules apply to my Challenge and Funded Account?

Traders need to manage open positions vigilantly and monitor the required margin level. Here are the specific Margin Rules for all Challenge and Simulated Funded Accounts at Funded Engineer:

Margin Call Level – 110%

When your margin level hits 110%, a Margin Call is activated. At this point, you will be restricted from opening new trades. This serves as an early warning, signaling that your open positions are approaching a critical level of risk.

Stop Out Level – 100%

If the margin level decreases to 100% or below, a Stop Out is initiated. During a Stop-out, your trading account will automatically start closing your open positions, beginning with the least profitable ones.

Note: Using effective risk management strategies and setting stop losses is strongly advised to avoid margin calls on your account. The margin available depends on the current balance of the account.

It is important to remember that In the event of a stop out of positions from a margin call, it will result in a direct breach of the account. Please refer to Margin Stop out Rule.

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